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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to send actual jewelry items?

No. You need to:
  • Create an account on our website
  • Upload 3 to 6 images (or a computer-aided design, CAD) of the items through our Custom Order page

What do I need to provide to render my jewelry in 3D?

Our team of professionals can create 3D animations and images in three ways:

  1. From 3 to 6 digital photos of the jewelry piece. These photos can be taken with a regular camera and without professional equipment. Please ensure that the photos are completely representative of the jewelry piece
  2. From a CAD model of the jewelry pieces
  3. From images and information provided on your website, if those are sufficient to show us all the features of the jewelry

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Can you make animations from photos of jewelry on my website?

Yes! We could easily make animations for you if the images on your website show every feature of the jewelry pieces

Are you able to make jewelry animations with materials that are different than those shown in the sent images?

Yes! Once 3D model of the jewelry piece is created, our professionals can adjust the quality, type, and color of metal in the display, as well as colors of diamonds and gems

Do I need to modify my existing website to use 3D animation?

No. Our 3D animations and images are compatible with all web platforms

Will customers have to download additional software or plug-ins in order to view the 3D animation?

No. CrystalClear3D technology is compatible with all web-based platforms and mobile devices. The animation will load instantaneously

Can I see the 3D animations on my mobile phone?

Yes. All of our animations and images are completely compatible with all mobile devices

What is the file size of the images and animations?

The file size is no more than 7.1 MB. Our animations and images are created with user specifications in mind, and there is no need to upgrade storage for our animation and imaging products

I am interested in CrystalClear3D animation products, and would like to try the product before significantly investing. Is there a package that would benefit me?

  • 3 rotating ring animations (one with each of 3 metal colors: white gold, yellow gold, and platinum)
  • 3 hand animations (one with each of 3 metal colors)
  • 15 high definition images (5 with each of 3 metal colors)

Is there a minimum number of jewelry items that I have to order?

Yes. After the beginner package, which contains 5 Full Animations for 5 pieces and is available one time per client, minimum orders are 25 pieces

What are the standard features of a Full Animation?

Full Animation for a ring includes:
  • 3 rotating ring animations in white gold, yellow gold, and platinum
  • 3 high definition hand animations
  • 5 high definition images, with zoom option, in each metal color
Standard, Full Animations for earrings and pendants are similar to Full Animation for rings. The difference is in the animations on the body: hand in case of a ring, earlobe and neck in the cases of earrings and pendants

All of the animation packages also allow for customized engravings and customized background options. Interactive features are optional

Can I customize the packaging of the animations I order?

Absolutely! The professionals at CrystalClear3D, realize that the needs of clients vary greatly. For that reason, all of the standard packages are completely customizable. Simply complete the Special Order form and a sales representative will contact you with more details

Can I have special requests for animation flow and backgrounds?

Yes. We can alter the animated models and background colors to suit your needs and the style of your website