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CrystalClear3D, the leader in 3D design and marketing, offers you compelling, creative and unique jewelry designs and model growing at a fraction of a price. Our highly trained jewelry experts will make 3D jewelry models exactly according to your specifications; you only have to provide us with reference pictures. Let us show why excellence, professionalism and accuracy are the qualities we are most renowned for.

Our CAD/CAM technology can work wonders! All we need are reference pictures to make a precise 3D model of your desired jewelry. The casting house of your preference will grow a wax or metal mold based on a 3D model, so you can enjoy the jewelry you like in no time.

Minimize the jewelry production cost and maximize your profit with our groundbreaking CAD/CAM technologies

CrystalClear3D offers you a great collection of pre-made CAD/CAM items that will diversify your product offering, help you cut the costs and increase your revenue. Our incredible 3D jewelry designs are sure to leave a strong impression on anyone and attract new buyers instantly. We are widely renowned for outstanding service, excellence, professionalism and punctuality, so let us help your jewelry business soar to success.

Use our CAD/CAM technology to:
• Reduce jewelry production costs
• Facilitate and shorten the production process
• Make all your jewelry ideas into reality almost instantly
• Start up your on-line jewelry business or make your product offering more versatile
• Benefit from our excellent same-day service to keep your customers happy
• Time-efficient, creative and budget-friendly alternative to the standard jewelry manufacturing
• Accurate and ready-to-use CAD/CAM files suitable for all your jewelry needs
• Fast and easy way to establish a winning product offering
• Selling more to existing customers and attracting new ones
• Impeccable 24/7 service
CrystalClear3D – just the thing for your jewelry business

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